Well Child Visit Troy Michigan


Well Child Visit Troy Michigan

Sports Physicals in Troy, MI

If your child is preparing to play a school sport, most likely they are going to need a sports physical. A sports physical will provide you with determining if your child is healthy or not to participate. sports physicals are required by most schools before your children can start playing. These physicals will give you a clearer understanding of where the wellbeing of your child’s health stands.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggests requesting a sports physical for your child during their well-child exam at the pediatrician. Children experience many different physical and developmental changes, so it is important to monitor their health. A physical from your pediatrician also helps maintain your child’s health and history. Call Gogue Pediatrics today to learn more info on how you can get a physical done for your child.

Well Child Exam in Troy, MI

It is important to visit and receive a well child exam for your child from the pediatrician, even if your child is healthy. There are many benefits of Well Child Exams such as:

  • Gogue Pediatrics offers Immunizations for Children of all ages and will schedule your child for these immunizations during the exam. Click here to view the CDC’s immunization schedule. We also cover illness prevention and the basics of nutrition and fitness.
  • Well Child Exams help track growth and development for your child

At Gogue Pediatrics, we take a team approach on continuing these regular well child visits and determine what is best for your child’s health. Call Gogue Pediatrics servicing in Troy, MI now to schedule a Well Child Exam for your child today.

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